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We Offer Tours

Coyote Trail Farm and Fiber is not just a fiber mill. We are following in the footsteps of our homesteading ancestors by transforming our wilderness acreage into a sustainable farm. We aim to raise our own meat and dairy eventually, and we are slowly clearing land for fruit and vegetables, sufficient to winter us over.

It's hard work.


The interior-Alaskan climate is warm, but our growing seasons are short, and the land itself is not always hospitable. With a greenhouse and specially developed cold-weather seeds, we are convinced that our multi-generational family will be free to live off the land.

We are developing 5 acres near Fairbanks, Alaska that can be sustainable by a small family and provide fruit, vegetables, and meat for the year.  We presently have layer and meat chickens, a small flock of sheep and alpaca, an extended season greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers, plus a garden area. 
In 2021, we will fence off 2 acres for a fruit and berry orchard. A larger garden area for overwintering vegetables is also planned.

We offer the chance to meet our animals and tour our mill. The property features a gently sloped walking path and a short hike to the orchard. During the tour, we turn off noisy and potentially dangerous machines as we explore the manufacturing process from fiber intake to spinning. You will learn about the different method for each breed and challenges transforming our unique Alaska fiber into roving and yarn.

Tours are $10 per person and will be held twice a day.  The building is handicap accessible with a public bathroom and small gift shop. A side-by-side is available for people unable to manage the hill.  

tractor and mill.jpg

October 1, 2015

Driveway area marked for building location. Topographic map of the location requested by architect.

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