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Note: As a small mill, we provide a set of services that are not easily duplicated. We can provide: the ability to handle small lot sizes; customized, quality workmanship on a wide spectrum of fiber types; one stop for the full sequence of processing; a willingness to experiment; our commitment to being responsible to the environment, the use of non-petroleum-based scouring, organic dyeing processes, furthering the eduction about fiber and it's uses and participation in helping to nurture the development of a fiber industry across the state.


Tumbling: This loosens the fiber and removes second cuts and vegitative material.


Washing: (All fiber will be washed on premises.) Washing removes dirt and oils.

Picking: This process separates the fibers in preparation for carding or dehairing.

Dehairing: This process will remove guard hair and more vegetation. Fiber will be dehaired only by request or if the fiber has excessive vegetation. We will contact you if we feel the fiber must be run though the dehairer. Weight loss will occur during dehairing. This process is recommended for all llama, fiber from older alpacas and animals with dual coats like muskoxen.

Carding: This process aligns the fibers into roving or batts in preparation for spinning or felting. Some weight loss may occur during carding.

Drafting: This delicatley thins and stretches the roving in preparation for machine spinning.

Spinning: Single strands are spun and then plied for a 2, 3-ply yarn. Yarn is then transfered to cones.

Steaming and Winding: Steaming sets the twist of the yarn as it is wound onto paper cones.

Skeining: This process winds the yarn from a cone into separate hanks. This can be done by specific yardage.


Felting: Batts can be taken to the felting machine and made to your desired thickness.


Dyeing: Fiber can be dyed to your choice of coloring using our natural dyes prior to processing or after.


Rug Yarn: Your fiber can be wrapped around a central core for making rugs. This is good for all types of fibers. Consider it for the seconds as well.

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