100% Merino -Aqua-

100% Merino -Aqua-


100% Merino

3 Ply Worsted

150 Yards

3.5 oz



Our Merino:

This is our most unique yarn, and for good reason (once you feel it, you'll understand.) It is best suited for winter accessories (mitten, hats, scarves) blankets, sweaters and more! This merino makes it a great choice for items intended to be used  next to the skin. (But of course, handmade items will last longer when they're handwashed.)


Raw, Virgin, Merino Wool:

This merger of sheep herder and mill  has been a dream of ours.


Our wool is from the last shearing of a herd in Nevada that is moving to Alaska the summer of 2021. It averages 18 microns. Be assured that this herd is ethically managed and the sheep are well cared for. We have worked on the relationship with this farm since the beginning of the Covid Pandemic in 2020. We have become friends and resources for each other. The couple I'm  dealing with are ethical and caring managers of their herd. And equally enthusiastic about the partnership between their herd and our mill.


By sourcing raw merino locally we have circumvented the whole cycle of the commercial industy large farming of merino sheep. Typically 1000s of sheep are sorted ( fiber sheep one way - meat sheep the other). Next the fiber is collected, bid on, the bulk of which is exported to China for chemical treatment, descaling and processing into rovings, yarn and clothing. The processed material is then sold back to the US . Mosty all mills use this merino for blending material.


Please Note:

We don't keep track of dye lots or dye formulas. Every batch is unique and we invent color blends as we go. If you like a particular color, buy an extra.  Once it's gone, it may be gone for good!


Yarn Info:

Fiber Content: 100% Virgin Merino herd moving to Alaska summer 2021.

Yarn Weight: Worsted

Skein Weight: 5 oz

Length: 150 yards