CONCRETE GREY - 70% Shetland 30% Merino (150yds/ 4-5.5 oz/3ply worsted)

CONCRETE GREY - 70% Shetland 30% Merino (150yds/ 4-5.5 oz/3ply worsted)


70% Shetland

30% Merino

3 Ply Worsted

150 Yards

4-5.5 oz



Our Shetland House Blend Worsted Collection:

This is our most popular line of yarn. It is best suited for winter accessories such as: mittens, hats, scarves, blankets, sweaters and more! This organic Alaskan blend is an ideal choice for items intended to be used more often because of its durability and strength.


Shetland Fiber:

This wool is from sheep raised in Palmer, Alaska. This beautiful farm rests on a hill overlooking Palmer and is owned by Penny and Micheal Senta. 


Merino Fiber:

This wool is from a herd in Nevada that is moving to Alaska in the summer of 2021. It averages 18 microns, meaning that it is of a very high quality, and is fine and soft. This ethically managed herd is well cared for and sheared with great attention to the wellfare of the animals. The couple we are in communication with are enthusiastic and excited about the partnership between their herd and our mill, as are we!


Please Note:

We do not keep track of dye lots or dye formulas. Every batch is unique and we invent color blends as we go. If you like a particular color, be sure to buy an extra, because once it's gone, it may be gone for good!


Yarn Info:

Fiber Content: 70%  Shetland, Palmer, Alaska

30% Organic Virgin Merino 

Yarn Weight: Worsted

Skein Weight: 4.5 oz - 5.5 oz

Length: 150 yards