These skeins are 2 ply fingering weight yarns, milled in Coyote Farm & Fiber, our small, boutique Alaskan mill.

Please select a MINIMUM of 4 skeins per order. They will be packaged nicely and wrapped in tissue making them a great gift. If you would like a combination of colors message me and I will happily make that happen that.

The Icelandic fiber is from a farm in Delta, Alaska and the Suffolk is from Wasilla, Alaska.

Alaskan fiber is as good as it gets for hardiness and warmth.

For this blend I was looking for fibers that were hardy, took dye well and would compliment each other on the blend. The Icelandic has been dehaired, however still retains the outer wear feel. The Suffolk, also dehaired, adds strength and some bounce because it is a medium grade fiber with kink.

Free shipping on orders over $35, but from Alaska so your order may take a couple of extra days to arrive.

Delta Icelandic 50% /50% Wasilla Suffolk, (select 4 skeins/ package), 3oz. each

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Length: 200 yards

    • Yarn weight: 1 fingering & sock

    • Handmade

    • Materials: Primary fiber: Wool

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