Muskoxen Hardwear- Charcoal Black-

Muskoxen Hardwear- Charcoal Black-


70% Muskoxen Hardwear (medium and longer fibers)

30% Merino


2 Ply




HARDWEAR - To explain:

Qiviut down is one of the world's finest, softest, and rarest of fibers. As it's processed in the mill, the fine muskoxen down is separated from the medium and long guard hairs. Other mills keep the down and discard what's left--the drop. Until now, it's been considered waste.

We took a second look at the drop and noticed that there was still a lot of down caught up with the medium and the guard hairs. We further dialed in the dehairing machine to reject the guard hairs but extract the remaining down along with the bulk of the medium grade muskoxen fibers. And in doing so, we developed a whole new product.

The result is a fiber stronger than qiviut down, and has the feel of a medium grade wool. After blending, it spins up into a delightful, soft yarn.